VFC Open OfficesOur services include:

  • Sales, Service and Leasing
  • Design/CAD Layout
  • Delivery, Installation and Clean-up
  • Moving and Relocation

We’ve been in business long enough to know every solution you could possibly need – often before you even ask. We certainly do not like the idea of wasting time. We promise not to waste your time.

That being said, we offer services to save you time, money and the headaches that can sometimes accompany decisions of this magnitude. We are gifted at what we do and we do what we say – every time. Twenty years of intensely satisfied customers – many of whom have purchased from us multiple times in the past – can speak for us. They often do.

Whether you need help envisioning the final product by use of our design and CAD layout services or just require some input on what worked for other customers in settings similar to yours, we will save you the time and money critical to your bottom line.

In addition to our sales services we also offer leasing options. Once you have decided on the layout and specific solutions you require, we’ll handle delivery, installation and clean-up services. If you need your old office furniture moved or if you are relocating your facilities, you’ll be pleased to know we offer those services as well.

Let Office Solutions be your source for excellence in office interiors.